Career Options for Engineering Graduates in the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry

As an engineering graduate in Nigeria, you have many options to choose from when you want to work in the Oil and Gas Industry. Although, the dream of most engineering undergraduates in Nigeria is to work in the International Oil Companies (IOCs) like Chevron, ExxonMobil, Total, Shell, etc., but the sad truth is that an insignificant percentage of graduating students each year will usually be employed. And moreover, in recent times, returning graduates from foreign universities seem to have an advantage over those who schooled in Nigeria. 

However, with the implementation of the Nigerian Content Development (NCD) Act 2010, many opportunities have been created for engineering graduates in the oil and gas service firms that service the IOCs and other indigenous oil and gas producing companies.

In this article, the various positions available in Nigeria to graduates interested in working for these oil and gas Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) service companies will be discussed based on your course of study. The actual work that these professionals do on a day to day basis will be discussed in another post. Please note that these positions are by no means exhaustive, but are the most common types of jobs available in Nigeria at the moment.

 1.    Marine Engineering - Marine Engineer, Naval Architect.

 2.    Mechanical Engineering - Piping Engineer, Pipeline Engineer, Mechanical Engineer

 3.    Chemical/Petroleum Engineering - Process Engineer, Safety Engineer

 4.    Electrical/Electronics Engineering - Electrical Engineer, Instrumentation & Control Engineer, Telecommunications Engineer

 5.    Computer Engineering: Instrumentation & Control Engineer, Telecommunications Engineer

 6.    Civil Engineering: Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer, Pipeline Engineer

 7.    Materials & Metallurgical Engineering: Corrosion Engineer, Pipeline Engineer, Materials Engineer (Construction Yard)

In the oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) companies, the following positions are also available, in addition to those listed above.

8. Geology/Engineering Geology – Geoscientist including Geologist, Geophysicist and Geochemist.

9.  Chemical Engineering – Production Engineer, Reservoir Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Facilities Engineer, Drilling Engineer

10. Mechanical Engineering: Production Engineer, Facilities Engineer, Drilling Engineer

In addition to the above, there are also some other positions open to any of the any of the engineering disciplines after some years of experience, mainly Project Engineer, Engineering Manager and Project Manager.

Also, some positions are open to both engineering and non-engineering graduates, including HSE Engineer/Manager, Document Controllerand Project Planner/Scheduler and Cost Control Specialist.

A description of these positions can be viewed in the other post - Job Descriptions in the Oil and Gas Industry.