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Nigeria’s 7 Critical Gas Development Projects to Increase Domestic Gas Supply

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has said that it would collaborate with its joint venture partners to increase the amount of gas available to Nigeria’s domestic economy in 2020 to about five billion standard cubic feet per day (5bscf/d) from the current 1.3bscf/d (2017).

Nigeria currently has about the 9th largest gas reserves in the world, with proven gas reserves of 192 trillion cubic feet (tcf) as at 2016.

With this plan, the government aims to supply enough gas to generate 15 gigawatts (15,000 megawatts) of electricity to the power sector by 2020; stimulating gas-based industrialization by positioning Nigeria as the African regional hub for gas-based industries such as fertilizer; petrochemicals; methanol and gas export to high value and strategic foreign markets.

This will be achieved through the following 7 Critical Gas Development Projects (7CGDP):

  1. Assa North-Ohaji South Field Development (ANOH) – NNPC, SPDC and  Seplat Petroleum;
  • Full field development of Assa North and Ohaji South Gas fields
  • EPCI of a 2 x 300mmscfd gas processing plant.
  • Construction of 16km dry gas pipeline from Assa North to OB3.

      2. Oil Mining Lease (OML) 24 and OML 18 joint development – NNPC, Newcross and Eroton;

  • Joint field development of OML 24 and 18
  • Construction of a 12km gas pipeline to transport Ekulama gas to Awoba
  • Expansion of the existing 12” x 30km Awoba to Cawthorne Channel Pipeline
  • Development of the Trans Nigeria Gas Pipeline segment from Cawthorne Channel-Alakiri-Obigbo Node

    3. Four Unitised Gas Fields – SPDC JV/NAOC JV

  • Full field development of the four unit area gas.
  • Construction of gas gathering pipelines from the unitized fields to a central hub (Assa North CPF) for processing
  • Gas to be evacuated to the domestic market through OB3 pipeline

      4. OML 26, 30, 42 Development – NPDC and OML 49 Makaraba Cluster Development – Chevron Nigeria Limited;

  • Joint development of OMLs 26,30 & 42.
  • Construction of gas pipelines from both OMLs 26 & 30 to Utorogu Gas Plant for processing and evacuated to the domestic market through ELPS
  • Construction of a gas pipeline from Odidi (OML 42) to WEND CPF for processing

     5. Gas supply to Brass Fertilizer Company – SPDC JV and Brass Fertilizer Company;

  • A full field development of OML 33 with 2P reserves of 2.2TCF and unlock other satellite fields that are less than 60km from Brass
  • Construction of eight (8) gas gathering pipelines from the identified supply sources to Brass Fertilizer
  • Construction of Pre-Treatment Facilities.

      6. OML 13 Cluster Development – NPDC;

  • Cluster gas development of OML13 with 2P reserves of about 5TCF

      7. Cluster Development of Okpokunou/Tuomo West (OML 35/62) – NNPC, SPDC and NAOC

  • Joint development of Okpokunou and Tuomo West unit area with a combined 2P gas reserves of 5TCF
  • Construction of gas pipelines from Okpokonou and Tuomo West to Utorogu Gas Plant


  • ELPS: Excravos – Lagos Pipeline System
  • SPDC JV: Shell Petroleum Development Company Joint Venture
  • NAOC JV: Nigeria Agip Oil Company (NAOC) Joint Venture
  • NPDC: Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (Subsidiary of NNPC)
  • NNPC: Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
  • OML:   Oil Mining Licence
  • TCF:    Trillion cubit feet
  • OB3:    Obiafu-Obrikom-Oben

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