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Tendering / Commercial Services

Our Commercial services for companies operating in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria includes:

  • Provision of information on advertised tenders in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria
  • Technical bid proposals preparation  – including project execution plans, project quality plan, engineering procedures, training plans, deliverables list, project schedule,Nigerian content plans, etc
  • Commercial bid proposals preparation – including Cost, Time, Resources (CTR) estimates, terms and conditions, payment terms, drafting of Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), etc.
  • Attendance at pre-submission tender meetings for clients and provision of feedback
  • Packaging, print-out and bid submission on behalf of clients, especially overseas companies
  • Provision of airport meet-up, in-country logistics and pick-up services for clients in partnership with reputable logistics company
  • Hotel booking and reservation services (on request)
  • General advisory services on the oil and gas industry in Nigeria

Technical Services

Through our network of professionals in the industry and our parent company, we can provide the following technical services:

  • Preparation of manuals, policies and procedures (engineering, project management, quality, HSE, etc)
  • Multidisciplinary Engineering Design and design verification services (process, mechanical, piping, electrical, controls and instrumentation, technical safety, civil/structural, etc)
  • Preparation of 2D and 3D Drawings with AUTOCAD, PDMS, AUTOPLANT, AUTODESK INVENTOR, etc)
  • Pre-tender and project site visits, red-line mark-up, as- built drawings preparations, etc
  • Provision of Training facilitators for topics and softwares used in the oil and gas industry including SACS, HYSYS, CEASAR, PDMS, STAAD PRO, etc.
  • Sourcing of qualified engineering, project management and other technical personnel
  • Manpower supply / placement
  • Vendor and Manufacturers Representation in Nigeria and West Africa

If you need any other information about our services, please see our Contact Us page.